New Year, New Skin! Shop our top 5 items for new year skin

New Year, New Skin! Shop our top 5 items for new year skin

2023 has finally arrived, which means time to set new year resolution. What’s your goal this year? Many people said being healthy is the new year’s goal and so do I.

However did you know that skin needs special care and routine just like work out? The more you care about your skin, the better it gets. Especially skin is more sensitive than you think, so aging progresses more easily and quickly.

If you feel hard to choose what kind of items to buy, then get an ideas by referring to products that were loved by many people in 2022!

Here are skincare heroes of Easydew!   



1. Re-DERMA Master Ampoule

Best seller of Easydew 2022 is Re-DERMA master ampoule also known as pink ampoule. This ampoule is famous for good to use with micro-needling! This is because it makes your skin smoother and brighter than before. Do you want to know why? The answer is in the key ingredient. DW-EGF is helpful to produce elastin, collagen. Also hibiscus extract, Glutathione, Fullerenes enhance, protect the skin barrier.


☞ Skincare influencer ‘Natural kaos’ Morning skincare routine (AMAZON LIVE)



2. EGF Cream Divesome

Please give attention to Cream Divesome 👏👏👏 Cream Divesome is one of the best selling products. This cream has soft creamy texture so it is easily absorbed into your deep inside skin. A lot of people highly recommend to use with Re-DERMA master ampoule. This is because key ingredients. It contains Double collagen with small molecular it increases skin moisture absorption. 

 Jamie Kim (Dermatology PA) : The moisturizer cream is rich, but doesn’t feel greasy and would be a good one to use during fall/winter!

3. Double Synergy Ampoule

Upgraded double synergy ampoule is in 3rd place. Double synergy ampoule is known as ‘moisturizing and glowing ampoule’. It is also good to use special care just like micro needling, derma rolling. Bakuchiol which is key ingredient gives you glowing skin and also good for every skin type even if you have sensitive skin. Bakuchiol is commonly compared with retinol, but less peeling and burning.

4. EGF Cream Limited 2.4oz

Cream Limited that came back with the capacity upgrade is in 4th place! Are you looking for moisturizer which can be used every four season?

Here is best item for you! It has feather like lightweight cream texture so every age people love to use this. Coconut, Avocado oil and shea butter will protect your skin barrier and repair dry skin surface into glowing, moisturizing skin.

5. Eye Cream Stick Balm

Eye Cream Stick is definitely hot item of 2022. Do you want to do special skincare but don’t know what to do first? Then starts with this stick balm.

All you have to do is just open the cap and apply this anywhere you need more hydrates. It can be cheek, forehead, lips even neck!

The reason why people love to use this is easy to carry. Now you can give extra hydration on your skin anytime anywhere you want with eye cream stick!

☞ Picked as a best skincare 2022 by AVA (Who creates ‘JELLO SKIN’ trend)